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Continuous Inkjet

Continuous Inkjet printing technology uses inkjet droplet formation: The inkjet is broken into drops inside


Thermal Inkjet printers use standard ink cartridge systems and do not require any bottles of inks or solvent, making thermal inkjet printers

Laser Coding

Laser Marking System is suitable for abrasion-free and permanent marking of resins, enamelled surfaces, glass and organic materials

Drop on Demand

Inkjet drop-on-demand system is specifically designed for industries needing a versatile binary inkjet coding solution for form printing.


Continuous Inkjet Marking and Coding

Euromark offers a complete one-stop solution for industrial coding and marking equipment and is proud to be recognised as an emerging market leader within the marking and coding industry.

Euromark supply high-quality industrial inkjet printers, inks, make-up fluids, solvents, cleaning solutions, and labelling systems designed for marking and coding products in the manufacturing and packaging industry. Euromark could offer savings of up to 50% compared to competitive industrial inkjet fluids

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Continuous Inkjet Printing

A highly advanced industrial small character, up to 2-line continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer is an economical solution for simpler marking and coding applications on metals, plastics, rubbers, films and paper.

Thermal Inkjet Printing

A compact HP thermal inkjet technology printing solution with exclusive fast drying non-smearing ink selections ideal for porous and non-porous box printing applications.

Print & Verify

a complete solution comprised of printers, cameras, central machine control with print and verification software, HMI and validation package capable of printing pharmaceutical data including ECC200 Datamatrix codes in accordance with the GS1 standard.

Laser Marking

MACSA Lasers Marking systems are used to apply small character codes (lot codes and batch numbers, dates etc) and other alphanumeric information to packaged goods such as foodstuffs and beverages, personal and household care products and pharmaceuticals.

What our Customers say...

  • Euromark is our trusted supplier

    Colin highly recommends Euromark's service and the Anser U2 Compact printer. Colin said "The Anser U2 printer is easy to use for batching any size carton. My decision to use U2 technology was based on the product and print quality and Euromark, as a trusted supplier, offered the best solution for our requirements.”

    - Colin, Engineering Manager, Healthcare Industry
  • Euromark care about their customers

    It’s good to see that other companies care about their customers too. Hannah called to inform me it was more than 12 months since our last Hitachi service, I couldn't believe how quick time has flown. As Euromark has all our service history, I will leave it in your capable hands."

    - Martyn, Owner, Egg Industry
  • I am very impressed

    I had a recent visit from your engineer Ryan, I am very impressed with the level of service that was given, from both his customer service angle and his level of expertise. I believe he is a credit to your company.

    - Michael, ITC Manager, Engineering Industry
  • Technical training maintains up time

    Euromark has supported Copely Developments for many years in maintaining our inkjet equipment. Our Maintenance Manager wanted our own engineers to be more actively involved with looking after the equipment which is critical to the manufacturing process. They found the technical training very beneficial and this has resulted in maintaining uptime, which made our investment very worthwhile.

    - Stan, Engineering Team Leader, Plastic Rubber Industry
Hitachi RX2 Continuous Inkjet Printer

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